Part-time Flexible Schedule Online Bootcamp Endorsed by Leading Universities

  • Course Duration4-12 WEEKS
  • Course Start10 Dec, 2022
  • Course Fee6900 USD

UI/UX Design Bootcamp

The UI/UX design courses at University Bootcamps provide all tech aficionados with a chance to create user-friendly interfaces and enhance the digital presence of their online businesses. Companies value high-quality tech talent and offer opportunities for them to build a career and shine.

With ecommerce stores and online businesses expanding at breakneck pace, there is high demand for UI/UX design experts that can take the creative outlook of an ecommerce store forward. Companies recognize that their website is now their new storefront, and needs to be oiled and preserved in its best shape to attract new customers.

Part-time Flexible Schedule Online UI/UX Bootcamp Endorsed by Leading Universities Partners

University Bootcamps has designed a user-centric course that allows professionals and tech students to improve their understanding of UI/UX design. The course allows you to polish your design skills in a part-time flexible manner, without impacting your current commitments. The course puts you under the guidance of some of the most experienced instructors in the industry and allows you to significantly grow your experience and expertise through constant learning and effective management.

UI/UX Design Bootcamp at UBootCamps

The professionally designed UI/UX design course at University Bootcamps provides comprehensive training in creating user-friendly interfaces that can help expand the digital footprint of a brand. Join our course to improve your current skill set and take your expertise to an entirely new level.

The UI/UX Design Bootcamp addresses both the technical and non-technical sides of the user journey, and gives a comprehensive solution for aspiring students to follow. The course also approaches common problems and builds lasting solutions that will come in handy for students in the long run.

Key Features

The UI/UX Design Bootcamp carries a number of key features that make it better and more comprehensive than other courses on the market.

Flexible Online Program

The course offers a flexible schedule throughout the program. Most people in the professional corporate world shy away from future learning because they’re afraid of a strict class schedule and the added burden of a physical commute that comes with traditional on-campus courses. The UI/UX Design Bootcamp by UBootcamps is flexible in nature and is conducted entirely online.

Students get trained at their own schedule and availability with our part-time flexible schedule online training program. Additionally, the pace of learning is determined by the students themselves, based on their other responsibilities and requirements. We also provide a hybrid learning model for students looking to complement their online learning with physical sessions.

Expert-Led Instruction

Gain fluency in the field and collaborate with leading professionals through lectures, research exercises, and comprehensive portfolio creation. Our expert instructors and mentors take their own experience and set the right learning platform for you through live online classes.

Real-World Projects

The UI/UX Design Bootcamp introduces all users to better website design and branding through the use of real-world projects and learning. Students tend to learn best when they’re shown real world examples that hold true around them.

Professional Portfolio Development

Our UI/UX Design Bootcamp actually helps develop your professional portfolio and gears your skill set towards UI/UX design management. The course certification can help open new opportunities for you.

Career Placement Services

Our career counselors and coaches go above and beyond to help provide personalized career services to all students. The course acts as a conduit to your future ambitions. Our career counselors understand the objectives and motivation behind every student and help uncover the right career path for them.

Our coaches sit down with aspiring students and discuss what they’re looking to achieve by enrolling in the course. Once clear, they discuss future career options and determine the right pathway to success.

Benefits of UI/UX Design Bootcamp

The UI/UX Design Bootcamp by UBootCamps comes with a number of benefits for students:

Hands on Skills Learning

The skills taught in this course hold true in the practical world and help students develop their professional careers. The practical skills taught in this course ensure you can successfully implement core UI/UX design processes in your professional pursuits.


The UI/UX Design Bootcamp further enhances your resume in the form of an added Certification endorsed by leading Universities in the nation. The certification is a feather in your cap and advances your repertoire.

Job Placement

Perhaps the biggest benefit of this UI/UX Design Bootcamp is making you employer-ready within weeks and providing assistance in getting you placed right after graduation. Most professionals reach a stagnation point in their careers. This course is a way out of that rut by learning relevant and in-demand career skills.

Who Should Attend Our UI/UX Bootcamp Courses?

The UI/UX Design Bootcamp is meant for professionals in a number of industries across the corporate world.


Our audience consists of tech professionals looking to develop their digital skills set through the addition of UI/UX design skills. UI/UX design is a new requirement in the digital world, as businesses prioritize a seamless customer experience in their websites and apps. In this day and age of customer satisfaction, the spotlight is on customers, and trained UI/UX design professionals add the necessary spark to a brand’s digital presence.

Prerequisites and Eligibility

The course comes without any specific prerequisites and eligibility requirements and is accessible to most people.

While no prior experience is required, this course is best suited for those with a background in design and digital marketing. The information in this course is easier to understand for both beginners and professionals that have prior experience in the industry.

UI/UX Design Bootcamp Cost & Training Options

Not every student in our UI/UX Design Bootcamp comes with the same availability and financial resources. Hence, we have distributed the course into different sections, accessible to all.

4-Week UI/UX Bootcamp

The 4-Week UI/UX Design Bootcamp fast tracks the learning process and helps educate individuals looking to grab hold of the basics of UI/UX Design. The 4-week course provides a good introduction and helps identify major trends in the industry.

12 Week UI/UX Design Immersive Training

The 12-Week UI/UX Immersive Design Bootcamp by UBootCamps is a course of moderate length for people with 3 months to spare. However, this is still not time enough to fully encapsulate the true nature of UI/UX design. Frequent classes and the speed of learning can be tough to keep up with.

24 Week UI/UX Design Master Bootcamp

This 24 Week UI/UX Design Master Bootcamp is a comprehensive, flexible option for professionals in the corporate world. This option is preferable over the others due to the strategic pace of learning and the focus on elaborate concepts rather than just speed.

What You Will Learn

The UI/UX Design Bootcamp focuses on a number of components that helps students learn key concepts for success.

Design Thinking

The course helps students approach complex UI tasks with the strategies and thought process of a designer. A design-focused strategy is often the difference between a successful user interface design and one that’s not. Our expert instructors ensure that students are able to develop a designer’s approach to complex projects and can incorporate strategies for future success.

Conducting, Synthesizing User Research

Research is a very big part of UI/UX design, as the design process and interface should be synthesized in accordance with client expectations. The program helps focus on research standards as the guiding principle for success in a seamless interface.

Ideating and Designing

All success UI/UX design processes start with the ideation step. The idea creation step involves setting strategic goals for completion and design management. The process outlines the possible route to success and lays down the principles that should be followed. Additionally, the course also highlights core designing processes for success in UI management.

UI, Heuristics and Interaction Design

UI heuristics are mental shortcuts and techniques that reduce the load of running complex interaction designs in the creation process. Our expert instructors have acquired these heuristics over years of successful experimentation and expertise and are ready to pass down the baton to eager students. These strategies help develop end results and improve the ability to strategize.

Decision Mapping

Decision mapping is a critical approach that includes the formation of a graphical map in the form of a tree diagram. The map works to highlight the different deliberative routes that are to be undertaken to reach a certain conclusion.

Decision mapping is a handy learning curve for UI and UX developers as it helps them reach introspective decisions without overwhelming their cognitive abilities.

Sketching and Wireframing

Sketching and wireframing are design strategies used to create a website from the structural level up. A wireframe is used to consider content layout and functionality of a given design. Sketching and wireframing methods act as a way to formalize and improve your UI/UX design before proceeding towards finalization.

Style Guides, Elements, Prototyping

The UI/UX Design Bootcamp also includes quality learning processes for style guides, prototyping and elements. The style guides of a website play an important part of the UI/UX design and can influence customer perception. Using a strategic color palette and meeting branding expectations are just a couple of the skills students acquire. Additionally, prototyping creates an initial sketch for contemplation, before the project is taken onwards.

User Testing

User testing is an essential step in the UI/UX design process. The step typically consists of an evaluation of the product or software done by users recruited by the firm to fully evaluate the new features or product. Testing can help get the user’s perspective on board and can help clarify any errors in ideation and design.

UI/UX Bootcamp Curriculum Glimpse

The curriculum for the UI/UX Design Bootcamp includes the following modules. Each of these modules will be covered within the course, regardless of its length.

The first module oversees a strategic introduction to UI/UX design. This introduction looks at its importance today and how design processes work to improve customer satisfaction.
A seamless user interface is created through hours of customer research. Behavioral patterns are researched and insights are generated based on the experience customers require. This research process is elaborated within this module.
Module 3 introduces UI design and graphic technologies, shedding light on the importance they play within design as a whole
Module 4 introduces students to journey maps, personas, user flows and much more. These are all steps required before ideation
Module 5 goes over the idea creation process and how it goes hand in hand with design thinking with potential palettes and branding strategies
This module goes over sketching and wireframing design strategies used to create a website from the structural level upwards.
This module introduces participants to wireframe technologies and the importance of sketching before the idea implementation process.
User testing is an important part of the sketching and wireframing process as users test UI/UX design and provide feedback
The success of sketching and user testing is followed with detailed steps for creating a prototype. The prototype is the first “final version” of a design.
The 10th module includes case studies from the practical world and looks at portfolios of successful UI/UX design experts
Students need to be able to successfully market themselves to successfully pursue their career. Your self-confidence should be a replication of your skills
Finally, the last module oversees the interview process and studies a review of the project portfolio for each member. This fully prepares students for what’s to come.
In this module students learn about user interface design, InVision and Adobe XD.
Cognitive psychology plays a major role in how we perceive and attend to the world around us. Learn how to apply the laws to UX design in this module
Learn how to gather detailed requirements for a given business - defining the problem from the inside out.
This module covers a variety of research methods. Students learn here what method to use based on the information they need to gather.
This module covers the UX artifacts that define your audience, their goals and pain points.
Sketching is the first step in giving shape to your app. Everyone can sketch and you'll learn the tips and tricks in this module.
Guerilla testing is a rapid testing method to gain feedback and insights into how the user will accept your product. In this module students perform a guerilla test on their sketches.
In this module, students create high-fidelity wireframes from their sketches, improving the design based on the feedback from the guerilla testing
In this module, students learn how to code in HTML and CSS, and how GitHub, Bootstrap, Javascript and Jquery play into web design
High-fidelity interactive prototypes are the focus of your usability test. In this module, you'll learn how to prototype your usability test
This module covers the research test plan, how to conduct a usability test and synthesize your findings to present to stakeholders.
The case study is a recording of your journey, from ideation to finished product. You'll show hiring managers your design process and final product.

UI & UX Career & Salary Insights

Companies are always on the lookout for innovative thinkers who can help improve the visual appeal and ease-of-use of their digital sales channels (websites/apps/social media profiles) through creative ideas and state-of-the-art UI/UX technologies

Bootcamp Graduate Careers in UI/UX Design

This is a high-demand field with a vast variety of opportunities available for talented individuals. We have developed a design-centric course that can help you develop and improve your skill set for a successful career ahead

Develop Your Skills at our UI/UX Design Bootcamp

As a UI/UX expert, you can make a massive difference to a brand’s digital expansion by enhancing its UI/UX experience through responsive and dynamic user interfaces

At our UI/UX bootcamp, you will:

  • Design an extensive project strategy based on user research data
  • Illustrate creative ideas using sitemaps, wireframes and storyboards
  • Create effective and attractive screen-based experiences for apps and websites
  • Identify and troubleshoot UI/UX-related problems
  • Develop mockups and prototypes for effective testing
  • Make changes according to user requirements and client feedback
  • Build an impressive portfolio that will make it easier to find your dream job

Meet Our UI/UX Experts

UI/UX Bootcamp FAQs

What Is UI UX Bootcamp?

The UI/UX Design Bootcamp by UBootCamps offers students a comprehensive training opportunity to develop customer-centric interfaces. Such interfaces are in need with so many brands focusing more on their digital footprint

Are UX Design Bootcamps Worth It?

This UI/UX Design Bootcamp is worth the time and money you invest in it. The industry is growing by leaps and bounds and organizations are looking for specialized tech talent to take charge of their digital campaigns.

Can I Find A Job After UI UX Design Bootcamp?

As previously mentioned, the industry for UI/UX design is growing at a breakneck pace, with huge demand for specialized talent. Students can advance their learning potential from the course to work in a number of exciting positions.

Who Is This Course For?

This UI/UX Design Bootcamp is for professionals working in the corporate world, students looking to add to their repertoire and digital marketers looking to advance their skill set. The flexible nature of the course meets the needs of every participant.

How Do The Tuition Payments Work?

Tuition payments are easy to manage and are broken down into convenient batches making it easily affordable no matter your pay frequency.

Is This Program Right For Me?

This program is perfect for all individuals looking to further their career in the digital world. The course is a gateway to digital interface management and practical design strategies. Students currently working in the corporate world will be able to highlight the importance of customer-centric design for lead generation.

What Is Included In The UI UX Design Course Tuition?

The tuition includes fees for the entire course along with specialized guidance to all students. Our expert training instructors have experience in the industry and use their experience to provide students with relevant examples and use cases. Additionally, the fees also include counseling for future career objectives.

How do I earn a UI UX certificate of completion?

The UI/UX design certificate of completion is earned after finishing the course within the designated time period and by completing the Program requirements.

Is the course conducted online or in person?

The course is conducted entirely online and offers flexibility for all schedules. Students can choose time slots that fit in with their own availability. This gives online students a chance to develop new skills that match their schedule.