Product Management

Part-time Flexible Schedule Online Bootcamp Endorsed by Leading Universities

  • Course Duration4-12 WEEKS
  • Course Start21 May, 2024
  • Course Fee6900 USD

Product Management Certification Bootcamp

Product management is the art of successfully navigating through each stage of a product’s lifecycle. From development to positioning and pricing, product management involves steering the product clear of all challenges that come its way. Ensuring product success while prioritizing the needs and wants of the customer lies at the core of product management. A skilled product manager listens to market voices and adapts to market conditions to stand the test of time. If you want to be the one your company looks to for navigating products through every hurdle and challenge that comes your way, then UBootCamps has just what you are looking for.

Part-time Flexible Schedule Online Product Management Bootcamp Endorsed by Leading Universities Partners

Designed specifically for those new to the world of product management, this flexible course explains core skills in the most non-technical manner possible. The course guides you through all facets of the product management process and is accredited by leading universities in partnership with us.

Product Management Classes at UBootCamps

Enroll in one of our product management classes to gain the skills required to be proficient in this role. From ideation to market research and prototyping, we guide you through each element of product management. Designed specifically for those new to the world of product management, this course explains core skills in the most non-technical manner possible..

Key Features

This course will introduce you to the basic components of product management. Once you learn the core skills, you will be taught how to use industry-related tools such as Pivotal Tracker, Popplet and Axure. Here are other benefits to taking our project management class:

Real-World Projects

We understand the significance of learning project management through the lens of practical applications and real-world projects. Participating in a real-world project gives you the on-hand experience needed for taking your project from start to finish.

We believe that imparting literary knowledge to participants of this course is not enough. As important as the concepts of product management may be, the learning is incomplete without gaining on-hand experience through a real-world project. The course requires you to build a product portfolio and lead it from ideation to execution. Analyzing the market landscape and carrying out frequent SWOT analysis helps you to achieve hyper-growth in your project.

Expert-Led Instruction

We are proud to introduce you to some of the top minds in product management for this course. Our instructors come with a wide range of experience from different markets, and together they designed a holistic course that integrates all of the core foundations of product management. Our instructors use their real-life experiences and condensed knowledge to give you the skills necessary to be successful in the industry.

Professional Portfolio Development

Now you can track your course achievements and progress using our professional portfolio development program. We believe instructor feedback on the courses and assignments you've completed help you stay up to date on your progress. This in return helps you identify strong points that you think may be beneficial to use within the industry.

Flexible Online Program

The freedom and convenience that our asynchronous online course offers is second to none. The rules of traditional physical education do not apply, as we give you the liberty of sitting down and learning whenever and wherever you wish.

Benefits of Product Management Bootcamp Classes

Our bootcamp classes have been designed with one objective in mind, to help you be a professional in the field of product management.

Learn Practical Skills

Throughout this course you’ll learn the basics of product management, but our instructors also understand the importance of putting knowledge into action. You’ll build your own product portfolio and take it through all stages of the product life cycle with our instructors assisting along the way. This hands-on experience will require skills such as analytical thinking and stress management.


Upon course completion, you will receive a verified certificate from UBootCamps. This certificate will be proof of your skills as a product manager and will make you a more desirable job candidate within the industry. As our experts and organization is highly regarded among recruiters, this certificate will help you earn their goodwill and trust.

Advance Your Career

The UBootCamps Product Management course is built from a combination of our teachers’ personal experience, industry knowledge, and insights from industry leaders who understand the current requirements of the job and can foresee future trends. Even those who may already have some experience in product management can benefit from this course. You can fine tune your skills and stay up-to-date on the changing trends of product management.

Who Should Attend Our Product Management Bootcamp Courses

Product management is a part and parcel of every organization, whatever services they may be providing. From online services to retail business, product management is involved. We have designed the course incorporating flexibility so it can benefit you whatever industry you are from.


Our product management bootcamp classes can help anyone regardless of the level of knowledge they have before starting the course. Although, prior knowledge of finance and business might help you better understand some technical concepts. Our experts will ensure that everyone can learn the skills needed to to become a professional product manager.


With the constantly evolving world, our industry is trying to cope by being more organized and efficient. The rules of product management have changed and matured. To help you get up to speed with these changes, we designed this course for both professionals and those new to the field. On-hand projects are included to better train you to deal with real life scenarios.

If the idea of working your way up through different product cycles, such as data gathering, idea generation, planning and implementing those plans, creating prototypes to market, gathering feedback, and product improvement strategies excites you, then this course is for you. Our professional experts will teach you how to become skilled product managers.

Product Management Bootcamp Cost & Training Options

This bootcamp course has been specifically designed to cater those who are falling behind due to constraints of time and money. With our flexible program options, no one will be deprived of learning these skills due to lack of resources. You can choose whichever course is convenient for you.

4 Week Product Management Bootcamp

Our 4 Week Product Management Bootcamp has been customized for people who do not have ample time available. This shortened course covers all of the basic concepts while leaving out the complexities of the field. You will be able to set up your product management portfolio and learn the rest when you can.

12 Week Product Management Course

Our experts have worked hard to condense all of the basic aspects of product management into this 12 Week Product Management Course. Perfect those looking to gain the knowledge and skills needed for project management in a short amount of time.

28 Week Product Management Course

Our 28 Week Product Management Course is our most comprehensive course on product management. Our experts will explain everything to you in detail and will make sure you understand every concept fully. This course is our most preferred one, as you have ample time to absorb and understand all aspects of product management without rushing.

What You Will Learn in this Course

Our experts have worked diligently to ensure that at the completion of this course, you are equipped with all the necessary skills required to flourish as a professional product manager.

Business Acumen

In today’s world, you have to make business decisions every day that have the ability to affect entire organizations, employees, customers and profits. As a product manager, dealing with the stress of business decisions is a daily job. With this in mind, we have developed a course that will take you through all of the scenarios a product manager may experience on the job. Our real-world projects will train you to develop the ability to make decisions that will make your organization and people related to it satisfied.

Critical Thinking

Business models involve thinking analytically and solving problems. As a product manager, part of your job will be timely completion of different phases of a product cycle. Unplanned delays in any stage will disturb the entire supply chain. To prevent such a catastrophe, a product manager needs to develop critical thinking abilities. The solutions you present will either save you and your organization millions or it will make it lose them. Our experts have carefully designed a course that will provide you with the analytical thinking skills needed to handle work in a stressful environment.

Strategy & Road Mapping

The success of every project is determined in its initial planning days. The plan you present will show whether your project will meet its requirements or not. A good product manager is not only a good strategist, but a good planner. Throughout our course, you will gain valuable planning skills. By working on projects during the course, you will learn the importance of planning as well as the techniques to help you achieve your benchmarks within a timely fashion.

UX Design Basics

Developing a product from scratch to prototype is no small feat, but a professional product manager is expected to deliver a project that not only works as advertised but is visually aesthetic, easy to handle and simple to use. During the course you will gain UX Design skills which give you an added advantage in the industry and make you more desired by potential employers.

Engineering Methodologies

Product management isn’t just about developing a product from scratch. It’s also about developing a product in a resourceful and optimized way. The Bootcamp course will teach you how to develop a project by minimizing funds, saving time and making it less costly for the user. This requires developing the product in a more systematic way and taking the product through various phases one at a time.

Product Management Bootcamp Curriculum Glimpse

In this module, we will teach you the basics of product management and make you more familiar with the field, so you are comfortable as we move into the details of our next modules.
The second module takes a closer look at target audiences online and the ways to generate insights related to them. This module discusses the spotlight approach online and its importance in the long run.
Communication and collaboration are both important parts of digital marketing. This module delves into the role of collaboration in strategizing your digital goals.
Digital marketing can best be understood by going over the multiple tools that help track and achieve metrics. This module runs through the different tools of measuring and tracking growth online.
Digital marketing is highly focused on data and is in fact driven by insights and feedback generated through customer data. This module looks at data driven marketing.
Your website is your storefront online and should be optimized through content and authentic graphics to show on search results online. This course looks into the concepts behind website and search optimization.

Product Management Career & Salary Insight

Bootcamp Graduate Careers in Product Management

After completion of your course, there are plenty of opportunities for you to work as a professional and implement the knowledge you have gained with us.

Develop Your Skills at our Product Management Bootcamp

Our product management bootcamp can turn you into a professional certified product manager. Sign up for our course to receive the following benefits:

  • Through our carefully designed, fully integrated course, you will be able to choose from a vast set of roles available to you.
  • Work on real world projects to test your knowledge and learn by hands-on experience.
  • Take advantage of our asynchronous online course to study whenever you want, wherever you want.
  • Our instructors are industry leaders in product management. With decades of experience, they understand the evolving job market and help mold you into product management professionals that are worth hiring.
  • With resources like resume reviewing, portfolio building and our instructors’ mentorship throughout your job hunting journey, you will be ready for your new role.
  • Our knowledge of different software operations and toolkits used within the industry will equip you with knowledge and skills to be desirable among potential employers