Tech Sales

Part-time Flexible Schedule Online Bootcamp Endorsed by Leading Universities

  • Course Duration4-12 WEEKS
  • Course Start22 OCT, 2020
  • Course Fee6900 USD

Technology Sales Training Bootcamp

This technology sales training bootcamp is the perfect growth tool for individuals aspiring to achieve success in the world of tech sales. Technology sales come with a unique set of complexities and challenges. The challenge here comes in the form of prospect education and inspiration, multiple decision makers, high-dollar investments and much more.

The sales market is continuously evolving and we are now in a period of time where innovation reigns supreme. Sales efforts have shifted to the tech front from the brick-and-mortar front. This is exactly why individuals looking for better roles in marketing and tech should be equipped in all aspects of sales, including tech sales.

Part-time Flexible Schedule Online Tech Sales Training Bootcamp Endorsed by Leading Universities Partners

The part-time nature of this tech sales course at UBootCamps helps it to stand out among similar offerings in the market. Not only is this course recognized and endorsed by leading educational institutes, but it also helps to launch your progress forward in the field of tech sales.

Technology Sales Training at UBootCamps

The digital disruption has meant that most sellers and manufacturers have moved to the online world of selling for better prospects and opportunities. In lieu of this, it is necessary for sales professionals to not only master the insights generated on these digital platforms, but to also be well aware of the technicalities involved in sales today. Our tech sales bootcamp introduces you to the changing landscape of sales in the digital world and encourages concepts that reign supreme today.

Key Features

The tech sales certification offered by UBootsCamp stands out on your resume and helps accredit your claim as a tech sales expert. Not only that, but it also helps you grow your understanding of concepts related to tech sales and allows you to approach complex sales challenges in a systematic manner.

Real-World Sales Pitches

The tech sales course at UBootsCamp is designed to be actionable and interactive in nature and to comprehensively guide organizations towards advertising techniques and how they can be applied. The best part about our tech sales course is that we follow each learning module with a real-world sales example. We understand the inherent gap between academia and the real world and have tried to bridge it as much as we could.

Imparting literary knowledge within students just doesn’t make the cut anymore. Students of the future require certifications such as this tech sales certificate to not only close sales online, but to also get better at what they do. Our real-life examples and sales pitches are devised by experienced pros in the industry and help guide you towards success in this vertical.

Expert-Led Instruction

We at UBootsCamp have some of the best instructors and minds in the tech sales industry working with us. The immense experience and knowledge these instructors have can help students take their career forward and devise a tech sales strategy for the future.

Our instructors at UBootsCamp are renowned professionals that have seen it all and know the ups and downs of the tech sales market. They have acquired skills through their tech sales experience and know the right approach to close leads and push clients through the pipeline. The skills they have acquired can help tech sales students through the many challenges they may face.

Professional Portfolio Development

Students get to develop their own tech sales portfolio in a unique and advanced manner. Gone are the days when you only had a certification to show for your efforts in an online course. With this tech sales course by UBootsCamp all students get to design their portfolio and identify strengths and weaknesses that they can work on.

Personalized Career Services

The tech sales industry is one of the most rapidly growing verticals in the sales and marketing world today. The accelerated growth and rise of technology sales means that there are numerous job openings available for prospective students and candidates. We have experienced coaches and counselors within our tech sales program to sit down with students and define a clear path to entry within the industry for them. We help students throughout their journey and give them a defined path to success.

Flexible Online Program

The most important feature of the tech sales bootcamp is the flexible nature of the program. We understand that professionals already working in the industry cannot participate in a synchronized program and attend physical classes every day.

The online nature of our tech sales course allows all professionals and students to jump in and benefit from a flexible mode of learning. Sessions can be attended from wherever you are. By the end of this course you would have mastered the art of tech sales without compromising on career progression or other aspects of your life.

Benefits of Tech Sales Bootcamp Classes

Our tech sales bootcamp comes with a number of exciting benefits that candidates in the tech sales industry can benefit from. The course proves to be beneficial in the following ways:

Learn Practical Skills

Our course is spread over 5 modules and is comparatively easy to understand for participants. This bootcamp helps to improve the skills of all participants and concurrently introduce them to the exciting and challenging world of tech sales.

The sales market changes by the minute, which is why candidates may have trouble acquiring practical skills on their own. Our expert instructors help introduce practical skills that can be used to get results within the industry.


This tech sales bootcamp comes with a certification for everyone who clears the course. This certification is proof of the talents and acumen of the candidate and helps forward your career in the professional world.

This certification can act both as a standalone qualification or can be used with other educational experiences. At the end of this course you will be able to get a role of your choice in the industry vertical you wish to jump in.

Advance Your Career

Our tech sales bootcamp appeals most to individuals that are already in the sales industry. Why? Because individuals working within the practical world understand the importance of tech sales as a whole and just how difficult it can be to grow professionally without it.

This certification will help you advance your career and add more challenging opportunities into the mix. The more you expand your skills, the easier it will be for you to earn more.

Who Should Attend Our Technology Sales Training Course

This tech sales bootcamp is not limited to a specific set of professionals. Instead, this bootcamp is meant for professionals across different industries in the market.


The audience for this tech sales course consists of professionals and newbies looking to develop their skill sets within the industry. As the world of sales overlaps with the world of technology and the corporate world transitions to the digital era, it is necessary that businesses reinforce their sales teams with the right talent.

This requirement for tech sale experts has created a desire in professionals to update their skills set with the right digital qualifications. This course acts as a conduit for that by building the perfect base for tech sales learning.


The learning for this tech sales bootcamp begins from scratch. It is recommended that people with a prior background in sales take this course up, because of the overlap between the two. The information in this course is easier to understand for both beginners and professionals that have prior experience in the industry.

The good part about this tech sales bootcamp is that it does not require a certain prerequisite before starting the learning process.


As stated above, the best part about this course is that you can start from scratch and still benefit from the advanced method of learning. You do not have to have prerequisite education in a similar vertical. With the right instructors and experienced learning you can take whatever prior level of education you have forward in the industry.

Technology Sales Bootcamp Cost & Training Options

We understand that not everyone has the same amount of time and effort to give to our tech sales bootcamp. All students prefer a customized mode of learning, which takes into account their busy schedules and their time requirements. We have broken this course down into three different training options. Each of these options are set for individuals with different requirements and help match your pace of learning.

4 Week Tech Sales Bootcamp

The 4 weeks tech sales bootcamp is for everyone on a tight time schedule. The 4 week course introduces you to major trends in the tech sales sphere without delving too deep into them. You get an introduction and can use it in the practical world.

12 Week Tech Sales Training Course

This 12 weeks immersive training course spans over 3 months and is more comprehensive in nature. This course still tries to encapsulate as much as knowledge as possible within 12 weeks, which can be tough for some to keep up with.

28 Week Tech Sales Training Course

This 24 week tech sales master course is the most comprehensive learning schedule and focuses on elaborate concepts over speed. This option is preferable for professionals looking for extensive growth in the industry, due to the strategic pace of learning and the focus on elaborate concepts rather than just speed.

What You Will Learn in this Course

This comprehensive tech sales bootcamp will help cover a number of key areas concerning tech sales and will build your knowledge in the following areas:

The Art of Selling

Selling is an art. Not many people agree, but there is no better artist than a sales person that knows his craft. This training bootcamp introduces you to the art of selling and builds skills that you will need to succeed in the industry. Perhaps the biggest factor going in favor of this bootcamp is that users get to benefit from practiced instructors that have already mastered this art. Throughout the course, you will be able to acquire the art of selling and implement it within your day to day dealings

Modern Software & SaaS

The cloud reigns supreme in the world of tech sales today. Out of all services offered through the cloud, software as a service is the most popular selling model that is famous with almost all retailers today. This course introduces you to SaaS and helps build your skills in the industry. You will be able to learn different methods of tech sales by the end of the bootcamp.

Inbound & Outbound Sales

Sales strategies are almost always diversified between inbound and outbound modes. This tech sales certification will introduce you to both inbound and outbound forms of sales and how they apply in the digital world.

Sales Technology Platforms

The introduction of the cloud has really helped the sales tech vertical develop. With CRMs and popular sales management resources such as Salesforce popping up, sales personnel can really up their game to pitch products and services in a more advanced manner. This certification introduces tech sales platforms and helps you understand the future of sales in the digital world.

Tech Sales Bootcamp Curriculum Glimpse

The curriculum for this bootcamp is broken down into 5 convenient modules. The modules will be covered based on the pace of the learning program you opt for.

The first module will shed light on the psychology of selling and the basis of trade. Once the introduction is cleared, the module will jump towards CRM platforms and other tools that apply in the world of tech sales today.
The second module will review sales development frameworks and the prospecting strategies people can follow in the world of tech sales today. Prospects are necessary for objective-setting.
Lead generation is by far the most important aspect of sales in the digital world. Leads generated through organic forms of tech sales help organizations develop and take their models forward. This module also looks at sales pitches and cold calling
Our fourth module moves toward the role of communication and sales presentations in the digital world. Individuals will also learn outbound strategies here along with objection handling
The final module looks at the industry secrets for sealing the deal along with tips for running smooth sales forecasts and setting smart goals

Technology Sales Career & Salary Insight

The tech sales industry is open for sales personnel and fresh graduates. Some of the careers that certified tech sales personnel can opt for include:

Develop Your Skills at our Tech Sales Bootcamp

The sales market is continuously evolving and we are now in a period of time where innovation reigns supreme and sales efforts have shifted to the tech front from the brick-and-mortar front. You should choose this tech sales bootcamp for the following reasons:

  • Analyze and decipher the basic operating principles of environments and markets
  • Propose and interpret market research and detect the sources of information necessary for correct decision-making
  • Have knowledge and develop the basic elements of marketing, its processes and its organizational structure.
  • Prepare to be able to study the processes of Client Management and relationship marketing, and to develop their specific techniques autonomously
  • Develop the necessary and optimal skills to plan and manage negotiation processes.
  • Set up, structure, and manage the commercial organization of a business.
  • Develop personal and media communication strategies and know how to manage them.
  • Use online marketing management techniques.
  • Get the most out of Social & New Media tools.
  • Create and manage effective online campaigns, analyze and interpret their results and make the right decisions based on them.
  • Empower and get the most out of your creativity.