Tech Sales

Part-time Flexible Schedule Online Bootcamp Endorsed by Leading Universities

  • Course Duration4-24 WEEKS
  • Course Start18 Jun, 2021
  • Course Fee6900 USD


We present the most comprehensive training offer on the market in the areas of UX/UI, Business & Tech Sales, Digital Marketing, Project Management and E-Commerce with which you can prepare yourself to grow and develop your professional career.

In our school you will find training courses for all levels and needs, whether you are looking for global training with a simple degree, or if you need specific training with our specialization courses.


Throughout history, marketing has evolved from the product and customer focus to the internet and social media era with the full customization of the marketing mix.

That is why all those who today want to prepare to reach management positions within the Marketing and Sales department must, inescapably, be trained in each and every one of these aspects.

Curriculum Glimpse

  • Module 1: Basis of the Trade, Psychology of Selling, CRM and Sales Tools
  • Module 2: Sales Development Framework & Prospecting, Social Selling, Lead Generation, Calling & Preparing your pitch,
  • Module 3: Sales Presentations, Communication, Outbound Strategy, Objection Handling
  • Module 4: Sealing the Deal, Smart Goal, Forecasting
  • You will become a certified Sales Development Professional

Why Choose UBootCamps?

Upon completion of the Tech Sales Course you will be perfectly capable of:

  • Analyze and decipher the basic operating principles of environments and markets.
  • Propose and interpret market research and detect the sources of information necessary for correct decision-making.
  • Have knowledge and develop the basic elements of marketing and Marketing, its processes and its organizational structure.
  • Prepare to be able to study the processes of Client Management and relationship marketing, and to develop their specific techniques autonomously.
  • Develop the necessary and optimal skills to plan and manage negotiation processes.
  • Set up, structure and manage the commercial organization of a business.
  • Develop personal and media communication strategies and know how to manage them.
  • Use online marketing management techniques.
  • Get the most out of Social & New Media tools.
  • Create and manage effective online campaigns, analyze and interpret their results and make the right decisions based on them.
  • Empower and get the most out of your creativity.

The Tech Sales course provides training specifically geared towards the following profiles:

  • University graduates who wish to develop their professional career in the area of commercial management and marketing with the aim of assuming and managing positions of maximum responsibility in this area of business activity.
  • Business professionals who want to structure, develop and strengthen their marketing and commercial knowledge according to the market environment and current business dynamics.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to discover and learn the most innovative and current marketing techniques to equip their future business with a powerful competitiveness tool and to learn how to get the most out of business management.
  • Company managers, entrepreneurs and young graduates who want to be efficient with the resources that each of the companies they work for have, applying cutting-edge management techniques, analyzing and investigating, and being able to make the right decisions at all times.
  • Marketing professionals, sales engineers and Product managers
  • Managers and Executives of SMEs who need to learn the strategic skills necessary to complement their traditional business strategies with the most innovative online marketing strategies.
  • Professionals and graduates who want to dedicate themselves and specialize in the new way of doing marketing.

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