Someone aspiring a career in digital marketing would like to know the routine of a lead digital marketer on a day to day basis. Digital marketing is the type of marketing that primarily focuses on the advertisement of products and services through digital sales channels. The ultimate goal of a digital marketer is to find new avenues of digital growth and to devise strategies for enhanced engagement with the target audience.

Converting visitors into customers is something that remains constant as part of your responsibilities as a digital marketer, with everything else continuing to evolve and change at a rapid pace. There is never a dull moment in the life of a digital marketer as the fascinating digital industry offers plenty to learn almost every day. Those who are eager to learn and willing to adapt can find a dream profession in digital marketing.

Let’s live a day in the life of digital marketer to see what a marketer does for the promotion of services and products of a brand through digital channels.

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Checking Emails

The day of a digital marketer starts with checking emails. As a digital marketer, you need to be on your toes at all times and checking emails at the start of every day can help prioritize daily tasks in an effective way. There are various types of emails that have to be checked by a digital marketer on a day to day basis. It can include, but not limited to, emails by clients, internal company emails and auto-generated emails from subscribed software and marketing products. There can also be auto-generated emails showing the progress of certain digital campaigns that might be underway. A quick look at the inbox can set the tone for an exciting day ahead.

Content Creation and Campaign Management

As a lead digital marketer, one would typically have a full-fledge team consisting of SEO specialists, UI/UX engineers, content writers and content marketers. While you will have specialists for all the jobs in your team, it will always be your responsibility as a lead marketer to create a content plan and ensure the timely content delivery for all digital channels.

The content deliverables that have to be planned by a lead digital marketer include:

  • Blog posts
  • Email campaigns
  • Social posts
  • Business listings
  • PPC campaigns
  • Lead generation emails
  • Graphic and visual content

Content creation is part of every new digital campaign and it has to be managed by a lead digital marketer on a day to day basis. The timely planning and execution of content deliverables can make a massive difference to the levels of success a campaign can achieve. A digital marketer also analyzes the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of each campaign to analyze the significant areas of content creation that have helped materialize a successful digital marketing campaign.

Monitoring and Responding

While a creative digital marketer can be an asset for a company, the skillset of a digital marketer cannot be considered complete without the right knowledge of advanced analytical tools. There are several professional tools available for the analysis and tracking of digital marketing campaigns and daily monitoring of performance data through these tools is an essential part of a digital marketer’s everyday routine. The regular monitoring of online campaigns can help understand customer patterns, which can be useful in developing customer-centric digital marketing strategies.

Apart from the monitoring through analytical tools, a lead digital marketer also has to check all the social channels to maintain optimal levels of engagement with customers. Answering important queries of customers timely can go a long way in strengthening the loyalty of customers to a brand’s products and services.

Website Monitoring and Management

A lead digital marketer working at a large corporate organization can often have a lot on his/her plate when it comes to website monitoring and management. You might be working on several websites at a time and this is where the basic HTML knowledge can create a massive difference. A digital marketer always has the support of a dynamic website development team but to effectively coordinate for day to day tasks with the developers, it is essential to have the basic HTML knowledge.

The addition of HTML knowledge to an already versatile skillset can help a digital marketer ensure timely delivery of landing pages, product-based pages and other technical pages as per the requirements of a particular project. As part of the daily responsibilities of a lead digital marketer, website monitoring and management matter a great deal.

Staying Up to Date

The career path towards becoming a successful digital marketer starts from learning and it is also an essential part of the everyday routine of a lead digital marketer. There is no other industry that changes as quickly as digital marketing, which requires a lead digital marketer to stay current. The skillset of a digital marketer starts to become outdated if the learning stops. It is part of the everyday routine of a digital marketer to learn about trending stories, browse through leading digital marketing websites and gather information about the use of latest software and technologies.


There is never a dull moment in a digital marketer’s day, thanks to a wide variety of activities that keep a marketer indulged throughout the day. Digital marketing is a fascinating field that is expected to grow tremendously in the coming years. The job outlook in the industry is excellent as several well-established businesses remain on the lookout for exceptional digital marketing professionals. If you are a critical thinker who wants to adopt a profession in a fast-paced field, digital marketing offers some incredible opportunities to establish a successful career.

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